​2019 IMS-China International Conference on Statistics and Probability

The 2019 IMS-China International Conference on Statistics and Probability, hosted by Dalian University of Technology, will be held at Dalian in Liaoning, China, on July 6-10, 2019. All talks will take place at the Dalian International Conference Center.

The “IMS-China International Conference on Statistics and Probability” is an international conference held regularly and covers a wide range of topics in statistics, probability and their related areas. The conference will bring together a diverse range of researchers, practitioners, and graduate students whose work is related to those areas and will provide an excellent forum for exchanges of the cutting-edge research at the frontiers of those areas, and for forging new research collaborations.

Past IMS-China conferences were successfully held in Hangzhou (2008), Weihai (2009), Xian (2011), Chengdu (2013), Kunming (2015) and Nanning (2017).

The way of payment is being constructed. Please check this website later on.

Onsite registration is unavailable. The deadlines for online registration and payment are June 10 and June 15, respectively. Please finish the online registration by the following steps:

1. Go to

2. Login

3. Go to ‘Personal Center’,

4. Complete ‘Registration Form’

If you are interested in giving a contributed talk, please be advised that we have a first come first serve policy due to the limited room capacity. So please complete both the registration (payment) and the abstract submission at your earliest convenient time.

Notes to non-citizens of People's Republic of China

You may be required to obtain entry visa to China. If so, please apply for entry visa at your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate well in advance.

The Chinese embassy does not normally require any letter of invitation for tourist visa. However, if you apply for other types of visa, including business visa, please get a letter of invitation by following steps:

1. Registration,

2. Login,

3. Go to ‘Personal Center’,

4. Complete ‘Registration Form’,

5. Click ‘I want an invitation’,

6. Go to ‘Inbox’

If you need the original invitation letter, please contact the Organizing Committee (Email: at least 2 months in advance.

Upon arrival, you may be asked to produce a valid passport and visa when you check in at your hotel. The conference endorses no activities that are politically motivated or prohibited by the local authorities.

We welcome all scholars and practitioners from the world to take this opportunity to exchange their research work in the 2019 IMS-China International Conference on Statistics and Probability.